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Tabitha is a professional geek, blogger, writer, web designer, podcaster, social media expert and strategist. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Moody Bible Institute and a M.A. and M.F.A.  in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. As devoted and self-identified geek she spends most of her time writing about TV. She writes actively for her pop culture and media blog QuadrupleZ, is a contributor to the feminist Doctor Who Blog, Doctor Her, and also writes as the Stranger Cat for Stranger Comics. Currently she’s also the producer and founder of Between the Lines Studios, a group that was born from the creation of Buffy Between the Lines, a fan-made audio drama based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She manages a team of nearly 200 cast and crew members, all of who are in different states and different countries. She’s written five children’s books including, “Jack the Kitten is Very Brave” and “Machu the Cat is Very Hungry,” which were based on her real life cats. You can find them on Amazon or over at She also a book for reluctant readers called, “Mary Lou Wants to Be A Big Star” and a book about dealing with bullies called “Everyone’s Mean, Except When They’re Not.” Both are available on Amazon. Her latest book, “Jack the Kitten is Very Sleepy” is running a Kickstarter for funding. Her latest work is an adaptation of her thesis entitled The Rise of the Undead. She is always happy to sign her children’s book for your child. Please email for instructions.

Published Works

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MaryLoucoverEveryon'e Mean (Except When They're Not) front cover.